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Balcarka Cave

Local name: Jeskyně Balcarka

The Balcaraka Cave is located in the Moravian Karst. It is considered by many to be the most beautiful cave in this region. It has a very rich infiltrative coat, consisting of stalactites, stalagmites and rock draperies. There is a 720 m long tourist route in the cave.

The entrance to the cave leads through a rock portal and a carved corridor. Further are further chambers, the largest of which, called the Grand Cathedral, has dimensions of 65x20x15 meters. Transparent stalactites hang from its vaults. In the cave you can also see the abyss with a cascade of rock and overlapping rock draperies of different colors.

The tourist route is secured and illuminated. The cave has a constant temperature of about 8 degrees Celsius. Under the ground, you can also see a small exhibition dedicated to archaeological and paleontological finds that were found during research.


Attractions inside

    Balcarka Cave map
    679 14 Ostrov u Macochy , Czechia