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Podlaskie Voivodeship occupies a wide belt along the north-eastern Polish border. It is a region of great natural value, in its area there is the Białowieża Forest, Biebrza National Park and the Suwałki Lake District. Due to its location and history, you can find here many monuments reminding of the multicultural tradition of the region.

The most important wealth of Podlasie is its nature. Around Białowieża and Hajnówka, there is the original forest currently under protection of the national park and being the International Biosphere Reserve. They live here, among others bison, as well as many other animal species.

In the province there are also Biebrzański and Narew National Park, which protect extensive swamp and river areas. Numerous mud and water birds nest here, and both parks are visited in crowds by lovers of ornithology.

Podlasie is a region where influences of different cultures have been mixing for centuries. To this day, Polish Tatars live here in Kruszyniany and Bohoniki, cultivating their separateness. In Tykocin you can see one of the most beautiful synagogues in Poland, while in many places, including Bielsk Podlaski or Supraśl, there are still used churches.

The surroundings of Augustów and Suwałki are lake areas, perfect for water sports. The great attraction of this area is the Augustów Canal with numerous locks and ramps.

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