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Split is the most important Dalmatian city and the second largest in all of Croatia. It is located on the coast, in the place where the huge summer palace of Emperor Diocletian was erected in the 3rd century. The building is woven into the building today creating one of the most unusual Old Towns in the world.

Located on a small peninsula, on the bay of Split is an important Croatian seaport. Many ferries and ships depart from here, scattered along the island's Dalmatian coast, as well as to the Italian Ancona. Along the coast there is a palm-lined promenade called Riva. The entertainment life of residents and tourists coming to the city is concentrated here. In the last days of the carnival, Riva transforms into a huge dance hall, which undergoes a colorful procession.

The main attraction of Split is its Old Town located entirely within the ancient palace of Emperor Diocletian. The former corridors are changed into streets today, the rooms are filled with cramped buildings, and in the underground there are passages connecting different parts of this maze. The central place of the UNESCO-listed Old Town is surrounded by arcades of the peristyle or courtyard of the former palace. The octagonal cathedral of St. Dujama, was created by rebuilding the former imperial mausoleum in the 8th century. In the streets of the Old Town you can find a lot of restaurants, cafes and bars. Picturesque alleys are perfect for both day and evening walks.

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