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Klis Fortress

Local name: Tvrđava Klis

Klis Fortress is considered one of the most valuable monuments of Croatia. The well-preserved ruins are mainly fortifications made by Venetians and Austrians, although there are also medieval elements. Although some of the complex's buildings have been severely damaged, all the gates have survived, the former mosque transformed into the church of St. Vitus, defensive walls, towers and positions for artillery and shooters.

The fortress existed here already in Roman times. She guarded the pass connecting the Adriatic coast with the interior of the continent. Over the centuries it belonged to Croats, Hungarians, Venetians, Turks, French and Austrians. Due to its strategic significance, it was the most important fortress in this area for a long time. The ruins preserved to this day are 204 meters long and 53 meters wide in the narrowest place. From the walls of the fortress there are beautiful views of the Mosor mountains, Split and the Adriatic coast.


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    21231 Klis , Croatia