#3  Split
#13  Croatia


Local name: Riva

Riva is the largest promenade and a real agora of Split - a meeting place, a tourist destination, a space to organize concerts, performances, political rallies and to celebrate national holidays. Riva is famous for the largest accumulation of cafes, bars, pubs, food and entertainment venues. Riva never sleeps during the season.

The promenade was built in the early nineteenth century, and then expanded several times. However, Riva's surroundings have not changed - it is still the starting point and finale of most trips to Diocletian's Palace. This is where the great carnival and the annual procession take place on May 7, on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Saint. Dominius of Solona (Duje, Dujama), patron of Split and all of Croatia.

Riva also invites to walks around the port, watching the vessels mooring here and using the offer of local markets, where you can buy fresh, just caught fish and seafood every day.



21420 Split, Croatia