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Biokovo Nature Park

Local name: Park prirode Biokovo

Nature Park Biokovo is a protective area covering the 36 km long and 9.5 km wide Biokowo mountain range. At its foot there is a strip of fertile soil, covered with spruce forest. From the sea side Biokovo ends in very steep cliffs. Many walking routes have been marked out here, which can be reached, among others to the highest peak of the massif - Sveti Jure (1764 m).

The most popular walking route on Biokovo, requiring a 5.5 hour hike, leads through the towns of Makarska, Makar, Vošac and ends at Sveti Jure. You can even reach the top by car, using the 31 km asphalt road that leads from Makarska through Tučepi and Staza. Along the way, you can see the remains of former shepherd's houses and take advantage of the numerous viewpoints.

The highest peak of the massif owes its name to the old chapel dedicated to Saint. George, from 1646. In good weather, from the top of the mountain you can see the Italian summit of Monte Calvo, 252 km away.


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