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Saint George peak

Local name: Vrh Sveti Jure

Sveti Jure, or the mountain of Saint George, is a peak at 1,762 m above sea level, the second highest mountain in Croatia (after Vrh Dinare). There is a beautiful view from here, which is why this place is often visited by tourists. Of course, a hiking trail leads to the top, but the real challenge (and a great attraction) is the narrow and dangerous asphalt road that cars, motorbikes and bicycles can move.

The 23-kilometer stretch begins at an altitude of 365m above sea level and ends at the very top of Sv. Jure at an altitude of 1762m above sea level. The road is so narrow that to pass a car you have to go to one of the coves located every few hundred meters. There are also 4 viewpoints along the route. It takes about two hours to cover this seemingly short road by car. Next to the car park at the top there is a small church dedicated to Saint. George.


Attractions inside

    Saint George peak map
    21300 Biokovsko Selo , Croatia