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Forest Park Marjan

Local name: Park Šuma Marjan

Šuma Marjan Park is a large forest park with many recreational paths. The focal point of the park is the Marjan hill (178 m above sea level), on the top of which there is a spacious terrace considered the best viewpoint of Split. The park has many tourist attractions, among which the most famous are the botanical garden, zoo and remains of stone houses and small temples.

Originally Marian was a recreational place for Roman dignitaries staying at the nearby Diocletian's Palace (erected at the turn of the 3rd and 4th century AD). The hill was overgrown with a lush forest, which was practically grubbed up in the Middle Ages. Restoration of vegetation began in the nineteenth century, and the current shape of the park was obtained in the 50s of the twentieth century. stone stairs leading to the observation square.

Marjan's oldest monument is the church of St. originating from the early 13th century. Nicholas. The stone, Romanesque-Gothic temple originally belonged to the Benedictines. Destroyed almost completely in the early Of the 20th century, it has now been restored.


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