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Old Town Hall

Local name: Stara gradska vijećnica

The Old Gradska vijećnica, i.e. the old town hall in Split is a Gothic building from 1443 - the former seat of the city authorities, which currently houses the Ethnographic Museum. The town hall was built in the Diocletian's Palace, exactly in the place where originally the imperial bedrooms (cubiculum) were.

The Town Hall is one of the many historic buildings at the National Square (Narodni Trg), which was first dated in the 13th century. Its creation was forced by the city's development beyond the original walls of Diocletian's Palace. Next to the Romanesque belfry, several medieval palaces and burgher houses, there is Morpurgo - the oldest bookstore in Split, founded in 1861.

During the establishment of the town hall, the square was named after St. Wawrzyniec, borrowed from the pre-Romanesque temple located here. From the 15th century it was the main square of Split - currently some call it the most interesting corner of the city, reminiscent of one of the squares of Venice.


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