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Barone Fortress

Local name: Tvrđava Barone

Baron's fortress was built in 1646 on Vidakuša, an 80-meter hill above the city. Together with other fortresses in Šibenik, it is part of a unique defense system. Renovated a few years ago, the fortress in 2016 won the prestigious National Cultural Attraction of the Year award. Currently, there is a multimedia museum offering a digital trip into the past via the augmented reality platform.

Baron's fortress played a significant role in defending the city against the Turks during the war in Crete. For years, she bore the name of the main defender, Baron Christoph von Degenfeld. It was only at the beginning of the 20th century that it was renamed Šubićevac, referring to the medieval family of patricians Šubić.

The fortress was designed by engineer Genovese Fr. Antonio Leni, and the construction was organized and monitored by the already mentioned baron Christoph Martin von Degenfeld, a German nobleman in the Venetian service. Other fortresses in Šibenik were named after the saints.


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