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Cathedral of St James

Local name: Katedrala Sv. Jakova

St. Patrick's Cathedral Jakub, located in the Croatian Sibenik since 2000, is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This unique temple successfully combines Gothic and Renaissance forms, and its architecture is the result of a significant exchange of influence between three culturally different regions of Northern Italy, Dalmatia and Tuscany in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Inside you can admire the famous Altar of the Holy Cross (Sveti Križ) by Juraj Čulinovič. Among the side altars, it is worth paying attention primarily to the one dedicated to the Three Kings with a beautiful painting by Bernard Rizzardi. The cathedral treasury is also worth seeing, including the works of the Renaissance master Horacije Fortezz of Šibenik, an exceptional goldsmith and miniaturist.

The construction of this amazing temple began in 1431 and lasted for 124 years. From 1441 to 1475, the main designer and work manager was Giorgio Orsini, also known as Giorgio da Sebenico. Later work was supervised by Niccolò di Giovanni Fiorentino. Consecration finally took place in 1555.


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