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Šibenik-Knin County covers the central part of the Dalmatian Adriatic coast. It is a tourist region with numerous holiday destinations. There are over 200 islands along the shore, some of which are inhabited and create small holiday resorts.

The most important city in the region is Šibenik, a large port and one of the most important trade points on the Croatian coast since the ninth century. Above the old town situated on a slope into the sea, there is a dome of the UNESCO-listed Renaissance cathedral. Above are the forts belonging to the fortress Sibenik, which are a great viewpoint.

Inland lies the second important city of the region, Knin, which was the capital of Croatia in the 11th century. Its main monument is the ruins of a medieval fortress standing on a hill above the city.

The coast around Šibenik is dotted with holiday resorts. The coastline here is highly fragmented, full of coves and small capes. The most important resorts are Vodice, Primošten, Rogoznica and Pirovac.

Along the coast stretches the 242 islands and islets of the Šibenik Archipelago. Some of them are rocks protruding from the sea, on others stand individual buildings, and on larger ones there are small towns, which are the basis for tourists seeking peace.

An interesting attraction of the region is the Krka River canyon, which flows through the karst plateau. Its most famous part is protected Krka waterfalls, which you can admire from the trails and bathe at their feet.


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