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Roski Waterfall

Local name: Roški Slap

Roški Slap is the second of the most popular waterfalls on the Krka River, located in the Krka National Park (Nacionalni Park Krka). It is easily accessible and can be visited throughout the year. The attraction is created by twelve smaller waterfalls with a total height of 27 meters, located on a section with a length of 650 meters.

Wandering from the Roški Slap waterfall down the river we reach the long lake Visovačko. In its center there is an island on which a church and a Franciscan monastery are located. They came to the island in 1440, driven out of Bosnia by a Turkish invasion. The monastery has a valuable collection of books, documents and works of art.

The Krka River itself is a beautiful karst phenomenon. It is decorated with numerous lakes, waterfalls and cascades, headed by the most popular and impressive waterfall Skradinski Buk. Due to the beauty of nature, the National Park has been here since 1985.


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    Šetnica Roški Slap - Visovac 22324 Bogatić , Croatia