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Krka National Park

Local name: Nacionalni park Krka

Nacionalni Park Krka is a nature reserve founded in 1985 with an area of 109 km2, visited annually by several hundred thousand tourists. Its areas include the middle and lower course of the Krka River, which creates picturesque waterfalls, led by Skradinski Buk (waterfall and swimming pool) - one of the park's biggest attractions.

Places worth visiting in Nacionalni Park Krka are, above all, the charming Lake Visovac with a centrally located island on which the Franciscan monastery is founded, founded in 1445. The park also houses 19th-century water mills and remains of a hydroelectric power plant, built in 1895 - one of the first such constructions in the world.

The entrance to the park, along with the information desk and ticket office, is located in Lozovac. Moving around the park is convenient thanks to the numerous, well-described walking and cycling routes. Bus trips are offered for tourists interested in visiting the park's biggest attractions and taking advantage of the beach.


Attractions inside

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