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Bilušića Buk Waterfall

Local name: Bilušića Buk

Bilušića Buk is one of seven small, picturesque waterfalls on the Krka River. Its popularity is also due to the fact that as the only one is not dependent on the energetic use of the river - the water flows through the cascade throughout the year. In the summer it is a picturesque place for walks and bathing.

Bilušića Buk waterfalls are located in a canyon, about 16 km from the sources of the Krka River. They consist of two main large and several smaller gorges, located on a section of about 300 meters. The total difference in levels is nearly 23 m. During high water levels in the river, the waterfalls reach a width of up to 100 m - at the lowest levels of the river, the width of the overflowing water does not fall below 30 m.

Small rock lakes are formed between the travertine steps. Below the waterfalls, the riverbed widens and its current slows down. You can come across the only preserved waljavica - a natural channel in the rock, connected to a larger depression in which the water is set in a whirling motion.


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