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Church of St. Lawrence

Local name: Crkva Sv. Lovre

Crkva Sv. Lovre, or the cathedral of St. Wawrzyńca is a three-nave Christian basilica. The object represents a review of styles dominating in local architecture over the 13th-17th centuries. One of the most interesting parts of the temple is the tomb of St. John of Trogir - the pinnacle of a Renaissance sculpture by Nikola Firentinac. The cathedral and part of the center of Trogir is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The construction of the temple began in 1123 and was largely completed in 1251. From that period, exactly from 1240, an impressive Romanesque portal of sculptural art comes from the work of the local master Radovan. The vault of the cathedral, representing the Gothic style, was created in the fifteenth century, then a spacious vestibule was added. The belfry of the church, erected from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century, is similarly eclectic.

St. Jan of Trogir (died before 1111) is credited with saving the city in 1105. He begged the Hungarian king Koloman to abandon his plans to destroy Trogir.


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