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Karpacz, a picturesque town located at the foot of Śnieżka - the highest peak of the Sudety Mountains, is one of the most popular resorts of south-western Poland and an excellent starting point for mountain trips. The proximity of the Karkonosze National Park attracts fans of magnificent nature, wide views and hiking. The city has many interesting monuments and attractions. It is also a popular winter sports center and an important junction for marked tourist trails - through Karpacz leads, among others, the main trail of the Główny Szlak Sudecki (the Main Sudeten Trail).

While staying in Karpacz, it is worth to take a walk along the streets where 19th-century villas and guest houses are located, ride the City Cable Car and trolleys, see the dam on the Łomnica River and visit local museums, such as the Museum of Sport and Tourism or the Toy Museum. The city trip plan should not miss a visit to one of the most famous and original monuments of the city, the Wang church. Periodically organized events, such as the Summer Festival of Tastes of Liczyrzep and the Fair of the Mountain Spirit are also noteworthy.

In the area of today's city there was once a settlement of precious ore seekers - mysterious Walloons who boldly ventured into secluded and wild mountains and started the local mining traditions. The area was also famous for excellent herbalists - precursors of the pharmacy trade, who composed the medicinal potions from the plants harvested in the mountains. These and other interesting stories are presented by the local thematic trails and museum exhibitions.

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