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Chojnik Castle

Local name: Zamek Chojnik

Situated on the high hill, Chojnik Castle is almost entirely available for sightseeing. The roundel bastion also consists of the tourist refuge. The original pillory from the 16th century can be seen on the castle's courtyard. The place also gives an opportunity to shoot with a crossbow or take a photo in the monumental costume. Tournaments take place there annually.

The castle's tower with a sight on the beautiful Karkonosze and the Kłodzko Valley is also available for visitors. A knight's pair dressed in monumental costumes greet tourist at the entrance. The castle was built in the 14th century by Bolko II as a stronghold which was to protect the borders of the duchy. The Schaffgotsch family was the next owner of the castle until 1675 when the building burnt after a thunder strike. It remains as a ruin to this day.

After World War II, because of the danger of collapse of the walls, the castle had been renovated and closed for visits several times. In the 1970s and 1980s thorough renovations were carried out and Chojnik became one of the biggest attractions in Jelenia Góra. The interesting fact is that the castle was never taken by invaders.


Attractions inside

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