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Szklarka Waterfall

Local name: Wodospad Szklarki

The waterfall with a height of 13,3m comes down to the bottom of the Szklarka Valley making one of the most charming places in Karkonosze. The waterfall and valley can be accessed by convenient road which ends with the observation deck. The Kochanówka Refuge, which is a rebuilt 19th-century inn, operates nearby.

The waterfall is located in the middle part of the valley which is included in the Enclave of Karkonosze National Park. The stream narrows at the bottom and takes a spiral turn at the threshold located at 520m. This gorgeous view is complemented by impressive recess dug out by the water on the left from the rocky threshold.

Szklarka is not only the beautiful, picturesque, and often visited by tourists place but also an inspiration for many drawings, paintings, and writings which were made throughout the ages. This romantic and unusual place was appreciated back in the Middle Ages and since that time it's one of the biggest attractions in Karkonosze.


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