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Krucze Skały

Local name: Krucze Skały

Formed by granite towers, the magnificent rock massif, whose height reaches up to 30 meters, is an excellent viewpoint on the Kamienna Valley and the Jizera Mountains. It is also an ideal place for active recreation. Under the guidance of an instructor, you can practice rock climbing, zipline, or cross the chasm on the rope bridge.

The attractiveness of Krucze Skały is emphasized by the Kamienna River flowing at the foot and the forest covering the area. The granite massif until the nineteenth century was the place of extraction of pegmatite and jewelry stones. To this day, mineralogical specimens such as dumortierite, tourmaline and sapphire can be found here. The red trail from the city center leads to Krucze Skały.


Attractions inside

    Krucze Skały map
    Szklarska Poręba , Poland