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Karkonosze National Park

Local name: Karkonoski Park Narodowy

The National Park has a status of a national geopark and is the part of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and Natura 2000 Areas. This lands are famous for rich flora and fauna and also the unique geological structure.

The park was opened in 1959. Its hallmark is the mentioned exceptional geological structure which consists of many types of rocks and minerals. Visit in the park allow learning interesting facts about the events from the history of Earth such as clashing of the continents or the closure of the ocean.

The ski runs and over 100km of walking trails rich in valuable natural areas such as grassy vegetation, mires, and cirques are available for tourists. Numerous forest animal species live there. The most worthy of attention are mouflon, 16 bat species and 90 bird species.

The park also consists of the Museum of the Karkonosze National Park with an alpine garden (where the over thousand years old yew felling from Henryków can be seen) and the exhibitions of the park's fauna.


Attractions inside

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