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Vang Stave Church

Local name: Świątynia Wang

Based on the best examples of Scandinavian sacral architecture, the church is a priceless work of Nordic art. The interior is decorated with original sculptures and ornaments mainly of dragons, lions, and faces of Vikings and Christ. The baroque baptismal font from around 1740 and the pulpit made of Norwegian pine are also worthy of attention. The exceptionally durable and saturated with resin pine allowed the pulpit to preserve to this day.

The church comes from the 12th century and was built in Vang, the city located in southern Norway. Thanks to the efforts of count Friederike von Reden, this unusual church was moved to Karpacz where today is a hallmark of the city.

The ceremony of consecration took place in 1884. In the 19th century, during the conservation works, the original main part of the building, which was made without nails, has been significantly expanded. The tall stone belfry, which protects the church from winds coming from Śnieżka, was also built then. In 1963-1965 major renovations were conducted. The electrical and heating installations were also added at that time.


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    Na Śnieżkę 8 Karpacz , Poland