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number 6 in the city

Lego Museum

Local name: Muzeum Klocków

Sorted by themes, the small and large constructions made of Lego bricks occupy nine halls and make a fantastic exposition in the private museum at the Mickiewicz street.

The building has two stories which provide the space for theme mockups from several Lego series: Miners, Technic, City, Atlantis, Star Wars. The collection also consists of many original works which show the potential of bricks and the creativity of authors. Lego is a toy that is entertaining both children and adults for many years. It's considered as fun which doesn't get old. Lego not only teaches and helps to develop creativity but also is right for people of all ages. The private museum's presentation proves that building can be very simple as well as very complicated and engaging for many hours.

The exhibitions can be moved and turned on by visitors, thanks to which the brick world comes alive. At the end of the tour, guests can try making Lego constructions by themselves. The shop with Lego can be found near the museum.


Attractions inside

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    Mickiewicza 1158-540 Karpacz , Poland