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Wild Waterfall

Local name: Dziki Wodospad

The artificial waterfall is the exceptionally beautiful as if magical place which provides with aesthetic experiences at any time of the year. It's an ideal spot for wonderful photographic sessions among the unique Karkonosze's nature.

The name of the waterfall is unofficial and that's because, in reality, it's the dam that was built in Łomnica between 1910 and 1915 in order to protect Karpacz from the floods tormenting it since the 19th century. Since the moment it was built, the dam became a very popular place among tourists and didn't lose any of its attractiveness to this day.

Having a source under Śnieżka, the river has an exceptionally high river slope. Because of the spring meltdowns and heavy rains, for ages it had been posing a serious threat for Jeleniogórska Valley. Two tragic floods which occurred in 1816 and 1897 made the authorities decide to build protecting reservoirs. The anti-rubble dam together with the other solutions in Łomnica saved Karpacz from the great flood in 1997.


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