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Viewpoint of Mały Staw glacial lake

Local name: Punkt widokowy nad Kotłem Małego Stawu

The viewpoint by the Cirque of Small Pond allows viewing a panorama that is considered one of the most beautiful in the whole Karkonosze. Small Pond, Samotnia Refuge, Strzecha Akademicka Refuge and mountain Śnieżka, the most distant and uppermost, are visible from there.

The road to the viewpoint leads through the red trail which starts from Śnieżka and ends by the Cirques of Small and Big Ponds (part of the Main Sudetes Trail). The other ways are the yellow, green or blue (which meet with the red one) trails, available from the Karpacz's side. The most popular is the blue trail.

The blue trail leads to Samotnia Refuge located near Small Pond. It passes through the count von Schaffgotsch's Hunting House (currently the Karkonosze National Park Education Center). It goes up from Samotnia (1195m) to Strzecha Akademicka Refuge (1195m) and to Spalona Strażnica (1427m), where the blue trail meets with the red trail.



Viewpoint of Mały Staw glacial lake map
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