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Wałbrzych Palm House

Local name: Palmiarnia w Wałbrzychu

In Palm House in Walbrzych were gathered around 250 types of plants from the whole world. Among the most interesting are: cactuses, agaves, dracaenas, prickly pears, coffee bushes, Banana trees, lemons, mandarins and primarily 12-meteres date palms. What's interesting is using volcanic tuff from Sicilian Etna to form a substrate for the plants. There is also a rose garden with many types of roses. A nice spot in the Palm House is made of a pond with fish and turtles.

Amid the tropical vegetation there is also a cafe and a "dragon tunnel" for children. Monumental Palm House was open in 1913. It was built on the orders of Prince Henry XV von Pless, the owner of one of the largest estates in Europe at that time. Facility which has 1900 square meters is one of the biggest and oldest objects of this type in Poland.


Attractions inside

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