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Ann's Tower

Local name: Wieża Anny

Located on a rocky slope at the northwestern edge of the Spa Park, the Anna's Tower is a great place for walks in the greenery, as well as an ideal viewpoint from which you can admire the panorama of the oldest part of the spa.

At the top of the building there are four clock faces mounted here in 1835. Today they are equipped with an electronic mechanism controlled by radio waves from a transmitter in Frankfurt am Main. The tower is also the oldest building in Szczawno Zdrój, and although it dates from the 19th century, it refers to the style of medieval castles.

The structure dedicated to Countess Anna von Hochberg was built on a square plan, and its top is decorated with characteristic battlements. The wall is imitated by a former bastion that surrounds the square with a viewing spot. In the past, you could also admire the city panorama from the top of the structure, but for some time it has been inaccessible to visitors.


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    Zacisze 58-310 Szczawno-Zdrój , Poland