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Old Mine Science and Art Centre

Local name: Stara Kopalnia Centrum Nauki i Sztuki

The Old Mine Centre in Wałbrzych is unique on a European scale. The facility was created on the basis of the former Wałbrzych mine called "Julia". Inside there is the Museum of Industry and Technology, a gallery of contemporary art, as well as the Centre for Unique Ceramics, guest rooms, and a restaurant. Additionally, the Centre owns collections in the field of archeology and geology.

The Museum of Industry and Technology presents objects related to the history and tradition of the Wałbrzych mining industry. There are, among others, gala and service mining uniforms, diplomas, banners, chronicles, and pennants. In addition, archival exhibits are presented - all kinds of documentation, plans, brochures, reports and projects. The exhibitions have been enriched with technical collections - mining tools and devices, rescue and explosive equipment, lighting and protective equipment.

Geological collections consist of numerous fossils presenting the flora and fauna of Carboniferous, Devonian and Permian periods. Archaeological exhibits date from the end of the paleolithic to modern times. The Centre of Unique Ceramics organizes ceramic and pottery workshops for people of all ages.


Attractions inside

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    Piotra Wysockiego 29 Wałbrzych , Poland