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Książ Landscape Park

Local name: Książański Park Krajobrazowy

Książ Landscape Park is characterized by diverse terrain and rich flora and fauna. It consists of 17 natural monuments (mainly yews), and also 3 monumental tree alleys - two consisting of lime trees and one consisting of buckeyes. What is more, the area of the park contains many interesting tourist attractions such as medieval castles, a palm house, and also the deepest migratory gully in Europe.

The park is overgrown with about 200 plant species of which large part are moss and lichen. Moreover, a lot of types of trees can be found there: oaks, birches, spruces, pines. Many animals also live there. Roe deer and mouflons come close to people, and tunnels located in the park are inhabited by 8 bat species.

The third biggest castle in Poland - Książ - can be found there, and also castles Stary Książ and Cisy. Other attractions are an arboretum and the Palm House in Lubiechów. The park can be explored by walking or bike tracks.


Attractions inside

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