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Ruins of the Stary Książ Castle

Local name: Ruiny Zamku Stary Książ

The ruins of the castle are the remains of a 18th-century mansion that was built on the site of two other buildings. To this day, only few parts of the castle, including two Renaissance portals and windows, the chapel and the tower have survived.

Originally, on the hill above the Pełcznica Gorge stood a wooden stronghold. At the end of the thirteenth century, it was rebuilt into a fortified castle made of brick. The stronghold lost its significance in 1392 and during the following years had many owners. In the 18th century, on the order of Jan Henryk VI von Hochberg, the building that was falling into ruin was transformed into a romantic residence.

The eighteenth-century residence consisted of a main building connected to the tower. Inside, there were representative halls, an armory, bedrooms, a courtroom, a prison chamber, a torture chamber and a chapel. Unfortunately, at the end of World War II, the castle was destroyed by Soviet troops.


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