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Wałbrzych, although associated mainly with industry, has one of the most beautiful castles in Lower Silesia, Książ Castle. The city has been developing a lot recently and can also boast a modern museum and entertainment center, Stara Kopalnia, Science and Art Center.

In the past, Wałbrzych was a mining town with numerous mines and industrial plants. One of them was a porcelain factory known in Poland and abroad. Today, its products can be seen in the Porcelain Museum. On the other hand, the closed mines are more and more often turned into service facilities. The best example of such a metamorphosis is the Old Mine of the Science and Art Center, where Museum of Technology and Center of Unique Ceramics.

The biggest tourist attractions of Wałbrzych are located on its outskirts. It is the Książ Castle surrounded by the Ksiaz Landscape Park. It is a residence which dates back to the Piast times. The secrets from the Second World War add flavor. The castle has well-preserved interiors, mainly from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as gardens. There is also the Wałbrzych Art Gallery.

Near the castle, you can visit the ruins of the Stary Książ Castle, standing on a hill above the Pełcznica Gorge, to which walking paths lead. While traveling through these surroundings, you can feel like discovering a place unknown and forgotten by people. Another attraction of this part of the city is the Palm House in Wałbrzych.

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