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Wrocław Dwarves

Local name: Krasnale Wrocławskie

Charming, little figures of Wrocław Dwarves are one of many tourist attractions in the city. They are located in many nooks and crannies within the Old Town. The search for all of them is the real fun, with or without the help of a map with marked locations. It's an entertainment for a whole family, especially children.

Dwarves are social phenomena existing since 2005. An appearance of a new character is usually unexpected because all is needed is permission of a property owner and order in one of the workshops and everyone can have a sculpture of a dwarf on one of the Wrocław's streets.

The number of them is growing so fast that it's hard to compile an actual list. The first four sculptures were made in 2005 by Tomasz Moczek - the graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. It is Butcher on Stare Jatki, Swordsman near the University of Wrocław, two Sisyphuses on Świdnicka Street, and The Oder Laundryman near Piaskowy Bridge. Since that time, the number increased to 300 until 2014.


Attractions inside

    Wrocław Dwarves map
    Rynek 50-113 Wrocław , Poland