number 23 in the city


Local name: Jatki

The charming Jatki combines an atmosphere and beauty of architecture with history. The street goes down the series of roofed pavements of Renaissance tenement houses which today are headquarters of art galleries, painter's workshops, shops with art supplies, the avant-garde "Artist Club", and the monument of slaughter animals.

Jatki is the favorite street of Wrocław's inhabitants reminding them of the medieval meat market which operated here, and resembling charming Tuscany. The artistic community and frequent cultural events organized in the club contribute to the unique atmosphere of this place.

In the distant past, back in the 12th century, buildings located on the street served as trading houses. Their number increased with time and were made into residential buildings. Ultimately, the street had 24 buildings in total, however, half of them was destroyed during the war. In 1965-1968, the reconstructions were carried out but they didn't include all architectonic parts of the original buildings. Since 1992, the majority of houses is administered by the Association of Polish Artists and Designers.


Attractions inside

    Jatki map
    Jatki 11-400 Wrocław , Poland