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number 14 in the city

Salt Market Square

Local name: Plac Solny

The Wrocław's additional market square in Old Town - Plac Solny - was named after a salt trade which thrived here until the 19th century. The dark history of the market square is related to John of Capistrano - the preacher who visited Wrocław in 1453. Preaching impassionately, he contributed to the burning of several dozen Jews on the square.

Plac Solny was established in 1242. Its dimensions are 84,5 x 94 m. There are many amazing stories related to this place. One of them is the history of the 16th-century apothecary Jacobus Kraus - the owner of famous Apteka „Pod Murzynem” (pharmacy) where he kept the authentic Egyptian mummy. Rumor had it that Kraus added powder from the mummy to medications in order to strengthen them. How it really was, no one knows, but the truth is that the mummy was kept in the pharmacy until 1945.

The remains after World War II is the forgotten former German shelter located under the surface of Plac Solny. It covers the area of almost 900 m2, its reinforced concrete walls are 2,5 m thick and can hold 300 people. The construction was finished in 1943. The shelter was used during the bombardments done by the Allies.


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