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The Royal Palace in Wrocław

Local name: Pałac Królewski we Wrocławiu

Magnificent and renovated palace complex, the residence of Prussian kings between XVIII and XX, is located in the very center of Wrocław. Inhabitants of Dolny Śląsk know it as the royal palace, which the oldest part date back to 1719. Part of The City Museum of Wrocław is located inside.

The royal palace is one of the most beautiful parts of the Old City and one of the most important historic monuments in the city. From the entire palace complex only part of the building has been preserved until today: baroque central wing, court church, western pavilion, kitchen building, north-western and north-eastern wings.

The royal palace has two branches of The City Museum of Wrocław. The first one, The Historical Museum, collects items related to the history of Wrocław and entire South Silesia, numerous souvenirs from the past and goods of local craftsmen. And the second one, The Museum of Medallic Art, exhibit about 50 thousand medals, medallions, badges, orders and plaques.

The Royal Palace in Wrocław map
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