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number 28 in the city

Pan Tadeusz Museum

Local name: Muzeum Pana Tadeusza

The wonderful collection of souvenirs presenting the life from the times of old-Poland is located in the two 17th-century tenement houses in the Wrocław's Market Square. The exhibition consists of, among others, the manuscript of "Pan Tadeusz" and over 200 treasures of the Ossolineum located in 17 exhibition halls. The interesting attractions are the multimedia exhibitions and fog screen projections.

Pan Tadeusz Museum was established in May 2016. Despite being new, it's exceptionally popular especially among enthusiasts of Polish literature and old traditions. It presents the history with a use of the most modern techniques, starting from regular exhibitions, through cinematic techniques, and ending on 3D movies made with a use of the Oculus technology.

Children and adolescents can explore old-Polish traditions through games and figural presentations. The museum is friendly for blind people. The exhibitions are described in Braille and pieces of arts such as reliefs can be viewed by touch.


Attractions inside

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    Rynek 650-106 Wrocław , Poland