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Aula Leopoldina

Local name: Aula Leopoldina

Aula Leopoldina is one of the halls of the main building of the University of Wrocław. It was built in the 18th century in late-Baroque style. Its name comes from the first name of its founder - Leopold I. Nowadays, the hall is a part of the university museum.

Aula Leopoldina was designed by Christophorus Tausch. It's divided into three parts: the podium, the auditorium, and the matroneum. It's decorated with frescos, white sculptures, and ornaments by famous Baroque artists.

The author of frescos is the Baroque painter from Ołomuniec - Johann Christoph Handke. Stuccos and figural sculptures were made by German sculptor Franz Mangoldt while ornaments and marbleization is a work of Italian artist Ignazio Provisore.

Because the hall is famous for its perfect acoustics, important ceremonies related to the university take place here. One of them is matriculation - a process of entering a university by new students.


Attractions inside

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