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Museum of the University of Wroclaw

Local name: Muzeum Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego

The exposition of Museum of the University of Wroclaw is presented in monumental interiors and consists of scientific instruments, sculptures, paintings, graphics, handicrafts, photographs, printings, and also furniture from the period between 15th and 20th century. Worthy of attention is also the collection of university scepters which belonged to former rectors and the theological faculty. Silver and encrusted with precious stones scepters are works by Wrocław's goldsmiths.

The collection also contains the original interiors of Aula Leopoldina with the gorgeous Baroque decor, numerous wall frescos, molding ornaments, and sculptures. Oratorium Marianum is equally rich. It was built as a chapel in the 18th century. Its construction and decoration were carried out with a help of famous masters of art and architecture. The museum is complemented by Mathematics Tower - the former astronomical observatory - serving today as exhibition space. The tower consists of the observation deck from which the panorama of Wrocław can be admired.

Museum of the University of Wroclaw map
plac Uniwersytecki 148-300 Wrocław , Poland