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Hochberg Chapel

Local name: Kaplica Hochberga

The interior of renovated in 2000 Hochberg Chapel impresses with the beautiful ceiling decorated with frescos depicting the seven sorrows of Mother of God, and also rich molding and gilding. The real jewel is the altar which was recreated from 1500 pieces of rubble - an example of the exquisite craft of conservators.

The construction was built in the first half of the 18th century as a place for the future funeral of the abbot of the monastery of the Premonstratensians - Count Ferdinand von Hochberg. Its interiors are considered one of the most beautiful Baroque objects in Lower Silesia. The chapel was destroyed during the war. Despite the rebuilt of the neighboring church started in 1991, the chapel wasn't reconstructed until nine years later. Thanks to the works that took dozen years, the chapel raised from the rubble and regained its original look.


Attractions inside

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    Grodzka 15A50-137 Wrocław , Poland