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Cathedral of St. Vincent and St. James

Local name: Katedra św. Wincentego i św. Jakuba

The wonderful medieval Cathedral of St. Vincent and St. James is part of the former monastery which buildings are today used by the university. The side nave consists of the renovated chapel of Hochberg from 1723. Preserved parts of the original, 13th-century stone portal can be seen in the presbytery. The chapel also presents rich frescos and the gold-plated altar made of blue marble. The church is complemented by the square tower. The current state of the building is a result of the reconstruction which was carried out after heavy war damage. Masses are said here but after the rebuilt, it's mainly a museum facility.

The interesting fact is that its founder Henry II the Pious, who died in the Battle of Legnica, was buried in the church before the reconstruction was finished. Today, the royal sarcophagus is placed in the museum. The church is of great importance for Wrocław because it's here where the foundation charter under Magdeburg Law for New Town which allows its further development was granted.


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