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number 11 in the city

Market Hall

Local name: Hala Targowa

The over a hundred years old merchant house consists of many valuable items from the past such as reliefs, the main portal, or the original equipment from the interiors. The cellar of Wrocław Market Hall is occupied by a recently opened pub serving local and foreign beers. Since its beginning, the hall is one of the most popular places for shopping among locals.

The history of the hall, which was designed by Richard Pludermann, dates back to the period between 1908 and 1909 when it was built on the walls of former Piaskowy Arsenal. This is proven by the preserved stones within the walls. Its construction consists of the then-innovative reinforced concrete arches complemented by brick walls. The interior is constituted by three elongated naves and entresols. Part of the external facade is covered with plaster. Other parts are left with charming red bricks.

The building has two towers - the taller clock tower and the shorter tower with an advanced ventilation system. The hall with the clock tower is one of the most interesting buildings in Wrocław.


Attractions inside

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    Piaskowa 1750-359 Wrocław , Poland