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number 39 in the city

Tumski Bridge

Local name: Most Tumski

Built over the north arm of the Oder, the steel, double-span bridge connects Ostrów Tumski with Sand Island. The popular name "Lovers Bridge" comes from the tradition of locking padlocks to the bridge what brings everlasting happiness to couples. The attractions here are the figures of Saint Hedwig and John the Baptist from 1893, and two gas lightings.

The monumental bridge is closed for vehicle traffic and special permission is required for the pass. Currently, the construction has 52,19 m in length and 6,84 m in width. The height of the portal is 6,9 m while spans are 25,19 m and 25,93 m tall.

The prototype of Tumski Bridge was the wooden bridge which stood here since the 12th century. It was reconstructed many times and wasn't replaced with brick construction until 1889. Its shape is similar to the bridge in Mannheim which design is based on a competition project.

During the war, Tumski Bridge was heavily damaged. It was repaired in 1945. Traces of gunfire can be spotted even today. In 1976, the construction was recognized as monumental and was entered in the register of objects of cultural heritage.


Attractions inside

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