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Ostrów Tumski

Local name: Ostrów Tumski

The center and seed of former Wrocław consists of the partially original and partially rebuilt monuments such as the Church of the Holy Cross, the Gothic Cathedral of St. John the Baptist with the observation deck, and medieval Kanonia Street with the oldest in Wrocław Church of Saint Giles.

There is also the oldest museum in the city - the Archdiocese Museum collecting sacral art. It consists of the Book of Henryków from the 13th-14th century with the first sentence written in Polish.

Ostrów Tumski is a testament of the first, oldest gord established on the island between arms of the Oder. The oldest traces of a settlement come from the 10th century when the wooden gord of the Piast dynasty and the Church of Saint Martin with a prince chapel existed on the island.

As a memory of the no longer existing island, its name is still used and Tumski Bridge was built on the remaining arm of the Oder. During Wolrd War II, the area was heavily damaged. Four houses at Katedralna Street were rebuilt in the 1970s and 1980s. The Church of Sain Martin and the remains of castle walls are what preserved in the south part.


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