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number 12 in the city


Local name: Kolejkowo

The largest model of a railway in Poland is a unique construction showing an everyday life in Lower Silesia. The two-stories exposition at the Świebodzki Station consists of 430m of railway tracks, 15 trains, 108 cars, and over 2 thousand human figures.

It also presents country life, mountain climbing, streets and market square in Wrocław, railway stations and many buildings from the region. Daily activities of construction workers, merchants, forest rangers, skiers and even sunbathers and circus performers can also be admired. The model does not ignore Śnieżka and Karpacz, and even adds a waterfall and secluded pond.

The miniature world consists of trains which drive around the place such as the most modern Pendolino, old locomotive and steam train. Trams and cars were put in the city while aerial tramway operates in the Sudetes. There is no shortage of realistic scenes such as a car accident with the participation of fire brigade or casting to I have talent!. This unusual construction impresses with details such as precisely recreated buildings and little things like vegetation or graffiti on walls.


Attractions inside

    Kolejkowo map
    plac Orląt Lwowskich 20B53-605 Wrocław , Poland