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number 34 in the city

City Arsenal

Local name: Arsenał Miejski

The Gothic building of the former arsenal serves today as a headquarters of the branch of the City Museum of Wrocław. The Wroclaw Military Museum operates in the north and east wings. It presents permanent exhibitions of firearms, helmets and old weaponry. Temporary exhibitions are occasionally organized here.

The rough building impresses with the interior carpentry inspired by the design of no longer existing Silesian granaries. Since 2001, the old granary is a headquarters of the Archaeological Museum and the Construction Archive of the Architectonic Museum. Many cultural events are organized in the City Arsenal. One of the most important is the annual festival of chamber music. Events take place on the picturesque courtyard decorated with bastions and well.

The historical object was built in 1459. In the beginning, it served as a granary for cereal, stored in case of siege. In the 16th century, it was made into an arsenal and stored, among others, cannons, cannonballs, personal firearms, and pole weapons ever since.


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