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Military Museum

Local name: Muzeum Militariów

Located inside: City Arsenal

The permanent exposition of the museum consists of four exhibitions showing cold steel, firearms and military helmets. The collection has thousands of militaries and gives an opportunity to learn about weapons which were used since prehistoric to modern times. Especially rich is the collection of sabers - the most popular weapon among polish soldiers for ages.

The exposition of old weaponry contains weapons from the Stone age to the 18th century. Apart from stone weapons and arrowheads, the collections consist of two-handed swords, halberds, and wekieras (a type of club with metal spikes). The collection of cold steel is represented mostly by 150 copies of sabers, cutlasses, and falchions. Almost every type of cold steel used by Polish soldiers since the 17th century to modern times is displayed. The interesting item is the saber of Marchal Edward Rydz-Śmigły.

The museum has the largest in Europe collection of military helmets (over 1000 copies of which few hundred is displayed). One of them is a real rarity - the first modern steel helmet of French production from 1915. The collection of firearms is also impressive. It contains pistols, rifles, mortars, machine guns, and the only copy of Soviet MMG with a curved barrel in Poland.


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