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Miniature Park of Lower Silesian Monuments

Local name: Park Miniatur Zabytków Dolnego Śląska

Functioning since 2003, the park's collection consists of models of historical constructions located in Lower Silesia. 1/25 and few 1/50 scale models depict castles, palaces and old towns of Lower Silesia's cities. The most interesting are Vang stave church, Mysłakowice Palace, Łomnica Palace, the castle of Książ and many more wonderful buildings.

Each model is made of materials resistant to atmospheric conditions. Miniatures are fainthul copies of real places, recreating the tiniest details. Visit in the park of miniatures is a rare opportunity to see famous Silesia's building from the times of their glory before they ran to ruin, and the ones which are unavailable.


Attractions inside

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    Zamkowa 958-530 Kowary , Poland