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Kowary Adit

Local name: Sztolnie Kowary

The underground tourist route in the area of ​​the former uranium mine has a length of 1200 m, and the visit takes about 1 hour. Walking is done with a guide, tourists will also learn interesting facts and secrets about the life of the mine by the Germans and the Soviet Union. You can also see a collection of minerals, precious stones, ores and minerals. The route is completely safe in terms of radiation, the level of control dosimeters. The interior has a very high humidity and low temperature at 8 degrees Celsius. Uranium mine operated in the years 1950 to 1958, but its roots go back to the twelfth-fifteenth century. In the fifteenth century, the mines Kowary was an important center of mining iron ore. In the 20s of the twentieth century, Germany began here uranium mining. After the war it continued for the Soviet Union. The operation was completed in 1958. In the '70s in the basement opened radon inhalation, running until 1989. Since 2000, the mine operates underground tourist route. The mine in Kowary is one of the most interesting routes underground in Poland, because it concerns owianego secret facility in the Third Reich and the Polish People's Republic.


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