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Czocha Castle

Local name: Zamek Czocha

The castle is the biggest attraction of the Jizera Foothills and one of the prettiest strongholds of this type in Poland. Today it houses a hotel and conference center, but the facility is also open to the public. On the route there is a two-level Knight's Hall with a neo-Gothic fireplace, wooden chandelier and stylish decorations, Museum Hall, treasury, private dining room of the von Gutschow family and Prince's Chamber with original equipment.

You can also go to the top of the tower and admire the picturesque view of the Kwisa reservoir. In the vicinity of the gate there is the Przedzamcza Museum presenting props from the film plans realized at the castle. Periodically, knight fight shows and early music concerts take place here.

From its founding in the 13th century, the building changed owners many times, until 1909, when Ernst Gutschow bought and rebuilt it. He stayed in the castle until March 1945, taking the most valuable piece of equipment. During the Second World War, the building housed the Abwehr school of ciphers, thanks to which the building remained in excellent condition. In 1952, it came into the possession of the Polish army, and within it was a military holiday home.


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