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Kargul and Pawlak Museum

Local name: Muzeum Kargula i Pawlaka

The Kargula and Pawlak Museum in Lubomierz is located in the former Piasters' House near the market in Lubomierz. There are props related to Sylwester Chęciński's comedy "Sami Swoi". You can see here. a piece of fence at which the protagonists argued or tape with the first copy of the film.

Lubomierz was one of the places where the comedy was filmed in 1967. The museum was founded in 1995 thanks to the initiative of the inhabitants of the city, supported by the then mayor. Three years ago, a local newspaper, "Sami swoi", was published, where the editors collected the items related to the popular film. On the basis of these collections a museum was created.

The historic building of the House of Wanderers, where the collection is located, has a great historical and architectural value. It was established in the 16th century as the seat of the craftsman's guild of canvassers. In front of the building was a film cineplex, which is a continuation of the museum and is dedicated to the people associated with the comedy.


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